• By Joanne Summer, MA, CCC-SLP

Conference for People Who Stutter Set for May 15 in NYC

For all you older adolescents and adults who stutter in the New York Metropolitan area, I am pleased to share with you the following announcement from the New York City Chapters of the National Stuttering Association:

We are excited to announce that on Sunday, May 15, the NYC Chapters will hold our first annual conference for people who stutter! It will be a day of workshops to support, educate, and empower people who stutter (age 16 and up) as we explore the "Past, Present, and Future of Stuttering" together and with a few special guest speakers. This one-day conference — designed by people who stutter, for people who stutter — will delve into the issues that are important to our community.

Our day of workshops will take place on Sunday, May 15th from 9:30am-5:00pm at the Atlantic Acting School on 76 Ninth Ave, Suite 537 in the Chelsea area of Manhattan. It is a low-cost event ($10 per person), and lunch is included.

For any further questions, please contact us at

Joanne Summer, MA, CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist based in Morristown, NJ, has helped hundreds of children improve their speech sound production and language skills. She founded Well Spoken Speech Therapy, LLC, in 2014 after spending 12 years providing therapy to children (K-5) in the New Jersey public school system. In private practice, her clients also include younger children and adolescents. In addition, she treats people of all ages who stutter or otherwise find it difficult to speak fluently—an area in which she has received extensive specialized training.

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