• By Joanne Summer, MA, CCC-SLP

Well Spoken to Conduct Free Screenings

In celebration of its second anniversary, Well Spoken Speech Therapy will offer complimentary speech, language and fluency screenings to the public through June 2017.

The screenings are most appropriate for children who appear unable to speak as clearly as others their age or who lack the ability to express their ideas as well as their peers. To help determine whether a child should be screened, parents can ask themselves such questions as:

  • Does my child follow directions?

  • Is my child able to express his or her ideas?

  • Can unfamiliar listeners understand what my child says?

Unfortunately, some 60 percent of speech and language disorders go undiagnosed until a child attends school. If only these problems were identified and addressed sooner, the child would be less likely to experience frustration, bullying, loss of self-esteem, and academic and social struggles. And in some cases, such as stuttering, early identification and intervention may even help prevent a lifelong condition.

Even after a child begins attending school, his or her speech or language deficiency may not be detected or may not be severe enough to qualify for therapy services. Most schools do a great job identifying students who have speech and language deficiencies, but many children slip through the cracks because of limited resources. Furthermore, schools are only obligated to provide therapy when a child’s speech or language deficiency can affect his or her academic performance and is significantly below the average range for his or her age on qualifying tests.

After conducting a screening, Well Spoken will refer a child who may need speech or language therapy to experienced speech-language pathologists in the local area for an in-depth evaluation. To schedule an appointment for the complimentary screening, contact us at or (201) 323-2686.

Joanne Summer, MA, CCC-SLP, a speech-language pathologist based in Morristown, NJ, has helped hundreds of children improve their speech sound production and language skills. She founded Well Spoken Speech Therapy, LLC, in 2014 after spending 12 years providing therapy to children (K-5) in the New Jersey public school system. In private practice, her clients also include younger children and adolescents. In addition, she treats people of all ages who stutter or otherwise find it difficult to speak fluently—an area in which she has received extensive specialized training.






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