At Well Spoken, Joanne Summer evaluates, diagnoses and treats children of all ages with communication problems, as well as individuals of all ages who struggle to produce fluent speech.  Joanne has always been interested in clear, effective communication and helping others who have difficulty in this area.  She strives to help each client (child, adolescent or adult) she works with achieve his or her highest potential.


Services include:


Language Evaluation:  Evaluation of how well the client understands what is heard or read (receptive language); evaluation of how well the client can express his or her thoughts (expressive language).


Articulation/Phonology Evaluation:  An articulation evaluation teases out how well the child can produce the speech sounds on the word and sentences levels, as well as in connected speech.   A phonological problem, on the other hand, involves a child’s production of the sound system of a language.  Sometimes children will continue simplifying the adult production of speech sounds past the age at which these simplifications or phonological processes should be eliminated (for example, deleting the final consonant in words, such as “ba” for “bat” and “ha” for “hop”).  At Well Spoken, a child’s speech sound production errors will be assessed and diagnosed.


Receptive/Expressive Language Therapy:  Therapy services to facilitate improved receptive and expressive language.


Articulation Therapy:  Therapy services to facilitate improved production of speech sounds and elimination of phonological processes


Fluency Evaluation:  Evaluation of the cognitive, emotional, linguistic and physical components of stuttered or cluttered speech.  Because stuttering is caused and aggravated by multiple factors, a comprehensive evaluation is required.


Fluency Therapy:  Therapy services to improve production of fluent speech, as well as improve and maintain healthy attitudes toward speaking and communication.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy:  Diagnose and treat tongue thrusts and harmful oral habits that affect speech sound production and the mouth.

Collaboration Services:  Therapist will collaborate with your child’s teacher and other professionals, as necessary and requested.





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